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Advanced Reproductive Genetic Services


If you have had implantation failure, we can help you


Have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby by selecting chromosomal normal embryos


Prevent the transmision of single gen diseases in a family and achieve a healthy pregnancy


Non-invasive prenatal test alternative to amniocentesis


Use of array CGH to analyze fetal tissue


Sperm Aneuploidy Test. 5 chromosomes: 13, 18, 21, X and Y


Compatibility Genetic Test

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18 June, 2014


From Iviomics to Igenomix

On June 20 our company will change its name from Iviomics to IGENOMIX. This new name reflects our independence from our parent company (IVI) and is the result of our […]

18 June, 2014


Igenomix at ESHRE 2014

It’s our pleasure to inform you that Igenomix will be at ESHRE´s 30th Annual meeting in Munich (Germany) from 29th June to 2nd July. We invite you to visit our […]

18 June, 2014

Igenomix in Eshre 2013

Scientific Program ESHRE 2014

Check out our Scientific Program at ESHRE 2014 and download it in PDF.

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