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Advanced Reproductive Genetic Services

We work to help you and your partner through your path towards reproductive success

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If you have had implantation failure, we can help you


Compatibility Genetic Test


Have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby by selecting chromosomally normal embryos


Non-invasive prenatal test alternative to amniocentesis


Prevent the transmission of single gene disorders in a family and achieve a healthy pregnancy


Use of array CGH to analyze fetal tissue


Sperm Aneuploidy Test. 5 chromosomes: 13, 18, 21, X and Y

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why igenomix

  1. More than 10 years’ experience

  2. Our expert team supports the work of reproductive medicine professionals

  3. Guaranteed outstanding customer service

  4. State of the art technology: Arrays, PCR, NGS

  5. High level of investment in R&D

  6. Worldwide presence: 7 labs

  7. We participate in research projects with world known entities on an international level

  8. Robust and reliable diagnosis

  9. All-in-one genetic supplier

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what we've been up to

Igenomix - first 30 hours

First 30 hours, key to knowing whether a human embryo will be chromosomally normal

9 July, 2015

Scientists from Igenomix, University of Valencia, Stanford University and Oregon Health & Science University (OSHU) have discovered that it is possible to predict if a human embryo is going to be […]

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Gene therapy: The solution to avoid or correct mitochondrial diseases

1 July, 2015

As part of the meetings of Excellence VLC/Campus, organized by the Rey Jaime I Awards Foundation, Igenomix hosted an institutional meeting between Dr. Werner Arber, Nobel Laureate in Medicine 1978 and Prof. Carlos […]

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MitoScore news

MitoScore: Mitochondrial biomarker developed by Igenomix will increase implantation rate of in vitro fertilization

12 June, 2015

One of the great challenges of in vitro fertilization techniques is to be able to guarantee the viability of the transferred embryos to be implanted into the maternal uterus and […]

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