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  • Application number: PCT/ES2009/000386
    Title: Gene expression profile as an endometrial receptivity marker (ERA)
    Date: 22/07/2009
  • Application number: PCT/US2015/021495
    Title: Early detection of preeclampsia
    Date: 21/03/2014
  • Application number: PCT/IB2015/001715
    Title: Stem cell therapy in endometrial pathologies (Asherman)
    Date: 17/06/2014
  • Application number: 62/554,471
    Title: Methods and devices for detecting biomarkers associated with preeclampsia
    Date: 05/09/2017
  • Application number: 62/301,825
    Title: Non-Invasive Preimplantation Genetic Analysis And Related Methods (niPGS)
    Date: 01/03/2016
  • Application number: 62/686,621
    Title: Methods, compositions and kits for assessing endometrial transformation
    Date: 18/06/2018

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