Analysis of Infectious Chronic Endometritis

Detects the bacteria causing chronic endometritis to improve your reproductive success



Your endometrium matters

What is the endometrium?

What is 
the endometrium?

What is chronic endometritis?

What is 
chronic endometritis?

How can ALICE help?

How can ALICE help you?

Advanced Reproductive Genetic Services


  • Chronic endometritis is one of the causes of infertility. This disease causes endometrial inflammation.   
  • Traditional diagnostic methods cannot accurately identify the infectious bacteria, and non-specific antibiotics are often prescribed. 
  • ALICE detects the most frequent bacteria causing this condition, and recommends antibiotic and probiotic for successful treatment.
Who should use the ALICE test?

Who should use the ALICE test?

Chronic endometritis affects up to 30% of infertile patients. In cases of repeteated implantation failure or recurrent pregnancy loss, this can rise to 66%. 

ALICE is a solution for women with infertility and women who suffered implantation failure or recurrent pregnancy loss, to improve their reproductive success.



ALICE provides accurate information, leading to a successful treatment of chronic endometritis, improving the patient’s reproductive outcome.

  • If ALICE tests positive, the report will focus on the detection of those specific bacteria causing said condition.
  • A list with the recommended antibiotics and probiotics will be provided depending on ALICE results.
  • Microbiology counseling is available for doctors.
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Who should use ERA?

How it works

How it works

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