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Detects abnormalities, such as Down's Syndrome with a simple maternal blood test.



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NACE® is a non-invasive prenatal screening test that analyses the most frequent chromosomal alterations without compromising the pregnancy.

A simple peripheral blood extraction from the mother allows free DNA circulating in the maternal plasma to be detected via Next Generation Sequencing technology and advanced bioinformatic analysis.

Who should use NACE test?

Who should use NACE test?

NACE test is indicated to all pregnant women from week 10.

lt's especially recommended for women with:

  • Abnormal result in their first trimester screening.
  • Previous Down's syndrome pregnancy.
  • Suspicious ultrasound finding.
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  • NACE is a complete prenatal test to detect abnormalities in chromosomes 21, 18, and 13 (Down, Edwards, and Patau syndromes).
  • It also detects the most common abnotmalities in the sexual chromosomes X and Y (except for twin gestations).
  • The NACE test detects fetuses with chromosomal abnormalities with very high precision.
  • NACE® Extended 24 incorporates the detection of all 24 chromosomes, and identifies five microdeletions associated with major genetic syndromes.

How it works

The blood sample is obtained with the same procedure as in a routine analysis

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  • Valid for single or twin* gestations. In both cases it has a high sensitivity and specificity.

  • lt can be performed for cases of in vitro fertilization and in gestations originating from oocyte donation.

  • For women of any age, regardless of body mass index or ethnicity.

*In these cases it does not provide information of the sex of the fetuses.