Sperm Aneuploidy Test

Analysis of sperm chromosomal abnormalities



Sperm Aneuploidy Test is a diagnostic test to study male infertility


2,000 spermatozoon analyzed for each chromosome


2 independent evaluators work in every case


Results compared with internal control to assure highest fiability


In case of positive result, the best reproductive options will be recommended to the couple

Advanced Reproductive Genetic Services


  • The Sperm Aneuploidy Test (SAT) is a diagnostic test to study the genetic origin of male infertility.
  • This test evaluates the percentage of spermatozoa with chromosomal abnormalities in a sperm sample.
  • It analyses the chromosomes mostly implicated in spontaneous miscarriages and affected childern with chromosomal abnormalities (chromosomes 13, 18, 21,
    X and Y).
Who should use SAT test?

Who should use SAT test?

This test is recommended in cases of:

  • Couples with recurrent miscarriage.
  • Couples failing to conceive after several IVF treatments.
  • Couples with a previous pregnancy with chromosomopathy.
  • Infertile men with impaired sperm parameters.


  • Increases pregnancy rate.
  • Decreases miscarriage risk.
  • Useful tool to provide personalized genetic counseling to the infertile couple previous to an IVF treatment.

In couples with an abnormal SAT, it is indicated to perform PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) to select chromosomally normal embryos for transfer.* 
*Rodrigo et al., 2014.


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