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Mosaic human preimplantation embryos and their developmental potential in a prospective, non-selection clinical trial

Capalbo A, Poli M, Rienzi L, Girardi L, Patassini C, Fabiani M, Cimadomo D, Benini F, Farcomeni A, Cuzzi J, Rubio C, Albani E, Sacchi L, Vaiarelli A, Figliuzzi M, Findikli N, Coban O, Boynukalin FK, Vogel I, Hoffmann E, Livi C, Levi-Setti PE, Ubaldi FM, Simón C

Am J Hum Genet, 2021; 108(12):2238-2247

Disrupted PGR-B and ESR1 signaling underlies defective decidualization linked to severe preeclampsia

Garrido-Gomez T, Castillo-Marco N, Clemente-Ciscar M, Cordero T, Muñoz-Blat I, Amadoz A, Jimenez-Almazan J, Monfort-Ortiz R, Climent R, Perales-Marin A, Simón C

Elife, 2021; 10:e70753

First baby born in Brazil after simultaneous non-invasive PGT-A and conventional PGT-A testing

"Kulmann MIR, Riboldi M, Martello C, Bos-Mikich A, Frantz G, Dutra C, Donatti LM, Oliveira N, Frantz N "

Rev Bras Ginecol Obstet, 2021; 43(11):878-882

Molecular and cellular insights into the development of uterine fibroids

Machado-Lopez A, Simón C, Mas A

Int J Mol Sci, 2021; 22(16):8483

Endometrial factor in unexplained infertility and recurrent implantation failure

Santamaria X, Simón C

Semin Reprod Med, 2021; 39(5-06):227-232

miRNomic signature in very low birth-weight neonates discriminates late-onset gram-positive sepsis from controls

Serna E, Parra-Llorca A, Panadero J, Vento M, Cernada M

Diagnostics (Basel), 2021; 11(8):1389

Single-cell RNA Sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 Cell Entry Factors in the Preconceptional Human Endometrium

Vilella F, Wang W, Moreno I, Roson B, Quake SR, Simón C

Hum Reprod, 2021; 36(10):2709-2719

Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy: Current Perspectives

L'Heveder A, Jones BP, Naja R, Serhal P, Nagi JB

Semin Reprod Med, 2021; 39(1-02):1-12

BRCA, breast cancer and in vitro fertilization: How should we advise our patients?

García-Planells J, Francés BS, Diez-Juan A.

Fertil Steril, 2021; 116(2):359-360

Understanding the human endometrium in the 21st century

Vilella F, Wang W, Moreno I, Quake SR, Simón C

Am J Obstet Gynecol, 2021; 225(1):1-2

The morphokinetic signature of mosaic embryos: evidence in support of their own genetic identity

Martín Á, Rodrigo L, Beltrán D, Meseguer M, Rubio C, Mercader A, José de Los Santos M

Fertil Steril, 2021; 116(1):165-173

The Maribor consensus: report of an expert meeting on the development of performance indicators for clinical practice in ART

ESHRE Clinic PI Working Group, Vlaisavljevic V, Apter S, Capalbo A, D'Angelo A, Gianaroli L, Griesinger G, Kolibianakis EM, Lainas G, Mardesic T, Motrenko T, Pelkonen S, Romualdi D, Vermeulen N, Tilleman K.

Hum Reprod Open, 2021; 2021(3):hoab022

Summary of the proceedings of the basic science of uterine fibroids meeting: New developments (February 28, 2020)

Leppert PC, Al-Hendy A, Baird DD, Bulun S, Catherino W, Dixon D, Ducharme M, Harmon QE, Jayes FL, Paul E, Perucho AM, Segars J, Simón C, Stewart EA, Teixeira J, Tinelli A, Tschumperlin D, Zota AR

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Should vanishing twin pregnancies be systematically excluded from cell-free foetal DNA testing?

Balaguer N, Mateu-Brull E, Serrra V, Simón C, Milán M

Prenat Diagn, 2021; 41(10):1241-1248

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 immunity: infective and naive incidence in fertility clinics after lockdown

Foulk R, Sakkas D, Kayali R, Valbuena D, Simón C, Cuzzi J

Am J Obstet Gynecol, 2021; 225(1):103-105

PREIMPLANTATION GENETIC TESTING: Chromosome abnormalities in human embryos

Rubio C, Rodrigo L, Simón C

Reproduction, 2021;

Obesity affects endometrial receptivity by displacing the window of implantation

Bellver J, Marín C, Lathi RB, Murugappan G, Labarta E, Vidal C, Giles J, Cabanillas S, Marzal A, Galliano D, Ruiz-Alonso M, Simón C, Valbuena D

Reprod Sci, 2021; 28(11):3171-3180

Noninvasive preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy: Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Rubio C, Simón C

Fertil Steril, 2021; 115(6):1426-1427

Inherited unbalanced reciprocal translocation with 3q duplication and 5p deletion in a foetus revealed by cell-free foetal DNA (cffDNA) testing: a case report

Ali TM, Mateu-Brull E, Balaguer N, Dantas C, Borges HR, de Oliveira MQG, Rodrigo L, Campos-Galindo I, Navarro R, Milán M

Eur J Med Res, 2021; 26(1):64

In vitro fertilization and andrology laboratory in 2030: expert visions

Campbell A, Gardner DK, Meseguer M, Miller KA, Montag M, Palermo GD, Cheung S, Keating D, Xie P, Rosenwaks Z, Rienzi L, Innocenti F, Cimadomo D, Ubaldi FM, Sakkas D, Tucker MJ, Nel-Themaat L, Simón C

Fertil Steril, 2021; 116(1):4-12

In vitro fertilization and andrology laboratories in 2030

Simón C, Campbell A, Gardner DK, Meseguer M, Miller KA, Montag M, Palermo GD, Cheung S, Keating D, Xie P, Rosenwaks Z, Rienzi L, Innocenti F, Cimadomo D, Ubaldi FM, Sakkas D, Tucker MJ, Nel-Themaat L.

Fertil Steril, 2021; 116(1):2-3

Consensus vision

Simón C

Fertil Steril, 2021; 116(1):13-14

Clinical validity and utility of preconception expanded carrier screening for the management of reproductive genetic risk in IVF and general population

Capalbo A, Fabiani M, Caroselli S, Poli M, Girardi L, Patassini C, Favero F, Cimadomo D, Vaiarelli A, Simón C, Rienzi LF, Ubaldi FM

Hum Reprod, 2021; 36(7):2050-2061

Bacterial vaginosis and Its association with infertility, endometritis, and pelvic inflammatory disease

Ravel J, Moreno I, Simón C

American journal of obstetrics and gynecologY, 2021; 224(3):251-257

Chromosome Y as a marker for sex discrepancies in patients with organ transplants: A case report

Balaguer N, Mateu-Brull E, Naja RP, Nagi JB, Milán M

Molecular cytogenetics, 2021; 14(1):3

Embryo Genetics

Rubio C, Simón C.

Genes, 2021; 12(1):118

Is there an association between paternal age and aneuploidy? Evidence from young donor oocyte-derived embryos: a systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis

Dviri M, Madjunkova S, Koziarz A, Madjunkov M, Mashiach J, Nekolaichuk E, Trivodaliev K, Al-Asmar N, Moskovtsev SI, Librach C

Human reproduction update, 2021; 27(3):486-500

Leave the past behind: women’s reproductive history shows no association with blastocysts’ euploidy and limited association with live birth rates after euploid embryo transfers

Cimadomo D, Capalbo A, Dovere L, Tacconi L, Soscia D, Giancani A, Scepi E, Maggiulli R, Vaiarelli A, Rienzi L, Ubaldi FM

Human reproduction, 2021; 36(4):929-940

Noninvasive preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy in spent culture medium as a substitute for trophectoderm biopsy

Rubio C, Racowsky C, Barad DH, Scott RT Jr, Simon C

Fertility and Sterility, 2021; 115(4):841-849

Noninvasive preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy in spent blastocyst media will substitute for trophectoderm biopsy

Simón C

Fertility and Sterility, 2021; 115(4):840

Preconception genome medicine: current state and future perspectives to improve infertility diagnosis and reproductive and health outcomes based on individual genomic data

Capalbo A, Poli M, Riera-Escamilla A, Shukla V, Kudo Høffding M, Krausz C, Hoffmann ER, Simón C

Human reproduction update., 2021; 27(2):254-279

Reproductive medicine, as seen through single-cell glasses

Vilella F, Simón C

Fertility and sterility, 2021; 115(2):296-297

Response to: Comments on the methodology of an endometrial receptivity array trial

Simón C, Gomez C, Ruiz M, Mol BW, Valbuena D

Reproductive biomedicine online, 2021; 42(1):284

Sperm DNA methylation epimutation biomarker for paternal offspring autism susceptibility

Garrido N, Cruz F, Egea RR, Simon C, Sadler-Riggleman I, Beck D, Nilsson E, Ben Maamar M, Skinner MK

Clinical epigenetics, 2021; 13(1):6

The impact of patient, embryo, and translocation characteristics on the ploidy status of young couples undergoing preimplantation genetic testing for structural rearrangements (PGT-SR) by next generation sequencing (NGS)

Boynukalin FK, Gultomruk M, Turgut NE, Rubio C, Rodrigo L, Yarkiner Z, Ecemis S, Karlikaya G, Findikli N, Bahceci M.

Fertility and sterility, 2021; 115(4):850-851

Darwin meets Mendel in the reproductive medicine field: Homo sapiens 2.0 is inevitable

O'Brien JE, Adashi EY, Simon C.

Fertility and sterility, 2021; 115(4):850-851

Technical factors to consider when developing an expanded carrier screening platform

Fabiani M, Cogo F, Poli M, Capalbo A

Current opinion in obstetrics & gynecology, 2021; 33(3):178-183

Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA): data versus opinions

Ruiz-Alonso M, Valbuena D, Gomez C, Cuzzi J, Simon C

Human Reproduction Open, 2021; 2021(2):hoab011

COVID-19: A review and considerations for the resumption of activities in an IVF laboratory and clinic in Brazil

Ceschin I, Ali T, Carvalho C, Uehara M, Motta P, Riboldi M

JBRA assisted reproduction, 2021; 25(2):293-302

Testing the mathematical model for PGT-A inefficiency with scientific sources demonstrates the efficacy of PGT-A

Capalbo A, Rubio C, Simón C

Human reproduction, 2020; 35(9):2163-2165

The dawn of the future: 30 years from the first biopsy of a human embryo. The detailed history of an ongoingrevolution

Cimadomo D, Rienzi L, Capalbo A, Rubio C, Innocenti F, García-Pascual CM, Ubaldi FM, Handyside A

Human Reproduction Update, 2020; 26(4):453-473

The first glimpse of the endometrial microbiota in early pregnancy

Moreno I, Garcia-Grau I, Bau D, Perez-Villaroya D, Gonzalez-Monfort M, Vilella, F, Romero R, Simón C

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The reproductive journey in the genomic era: From preconception to childhood

Garcia-Herrero S, Simon B, Garcia-Planells J

Genes, 2020; 11(12):1521

The role of ZFP57 and additional KRAB-zinc finger proteins in the maintenance of human imprinted methylation and multi-locus imprinting disturbances

Monteagudo-Sánchez A, Hernandez Mora JR, Simon C, Burton A, Tenorio J, Lapunzina P, Clark S, Esteller M, Kelsey G, López-Siguero JP, de Nanclares GP, Torres-Padilla ME, Monk D

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Time to pregnancy: As important for patients as underestimated by doctors

Roque M, Simón C

Fertility and Sterility, 2020; 113(3):522-523

Trio-whole exome sequencing and preimplantation genetic diagnosis for unexplained recurrent fetal malformations

Guo W, Lai Y, Yan Z, Wang Y, Nie Y, Guan S, Kuo Y, Zhang W, Zhu X, Peng M, Zhi X, Wei Y, Yan L, Qiao J

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Use of customizable nucleases for gene editing and other novel applications

Reddy P, Vilella F, Izpisua Belmonte JC, Simón C.

Genes, 2020; 11(9):E976

Endometrial liquid biopsy provides a miRNA roadmap of the secretory phase of the human endometrium

Grasso A, Navarro R, Balaguer N, Moreno I, Alama P, Jimenez J, Simón C, Vilella F

The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism, 2020; 105(3). pii: dgz146

ESHRE PGT Consortium good practice recommendations for the detection of structural and numerical chromosomal aberrations

ESHRE PGT-SR/PGT-A Working Group, Coonen E, Rubio C, Christopikou D, Dimitriadou E, Gontar J, Goossens V, Maurer M, Spinella F, Vermeulen N, De Rycke M

Human reproduction open, 2020; 2020(3):hoaa017

ESHRE PGT Consortium good practice recommendations for the organisation of PGT

ESHRE PGT Consortium Steering Committee, Carvalho F, Coonen E, Goossens V, Kokkali G, Rubio C, Meijer-Hoogeveen M, Moutou C, Vermeulen N, De Rycke M

Human reproduction open, 2020; 2020(3):hoaa021

External validation of putative biomarkers in eutopic endometrium of women with endometriosis using NanoString technology

Vallvé-Juanico J, López-Gil C, Ponomarenko J, Melnychuk T, Castellví J, Ballesteros A, Colás E, Gil-Moreno A, Santamaria Costa X

Journal of assisted reproduction and genetics, 2020; 37(12):2981-2987

Identification and characterization of extracellular vesicles and its DNA cargo secreted during murine embryo development

Simón B, Bolumar D, Amadoz A, Jimenez-Almazán J, Valbuena D, Vilella F, Moreno I

Genes, 2020; 11(2). pii: E203

Incidence, origin, and predictive model for the detection and clinical management of segmental sneuploidies in human embryos

Girardi L, Serdarogullari M, Patassini C, Poli M, Fabiani M, Caroselli S, Coban O, Findikli N, Boynukalin FK, Bahceci M, Chopra R, Canipari R, Cimadomo D, Rienzi L, Ubaldi F, Hoffmann E, Rubio C, Simón C, Capalbo A

American journal of human genetics, 2020; 106(4):525-534

Introduction: How evident Is the evidence?

Simón C

Fertility and Sterility, 2020; 113(6):1091-1092

IUI and uterine lavage of in vivo: Produced blastocysts for PGT purposes: Is it a technically and ethically reasonable perspective? Is it actually needed?

De Santis L, Cimadomo D, Capalbo A, Di Pietro C, Zuccarello D, Anastasi A, Licata E, Scarica C, Fernandez LS, Klinger FG; Italian Society of Embryology, Reproduction and Research (SIERR).

Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics , 2020; 37(7):1579-1582

Menstruation: Science and society

Critchley HOD, Babayev E, Bulun SE, Clark S, Garcia-Grau I, Gregersen PK, Kilcoyne A, Kim JJ, Lavender M, Marsh EE, Matteson KA, Maybin JA, Metz CN, Moreno I, Silk K, Sommer M, Simon C, Tariyal R, Taylor HS, Wagner GP, Griffith LG

American journal of obstetrics and gynecology, 2020; 223(5):624-664

Mother and embryo cross-communication

Idelevich A, Vilella F

Genes, 2020; 11(4). pii: E376

Multicenter prospective study of concordance between embryonic cell-free DNA and trophectoderm biopsies from 1301 human blastocysts

Rubio C, Navarro-Sánchez L, García-Pascual CM, Ocali O, Cimadomo D, Venier W, Barroso G, Kopcow L, Bahçeci M, Roos Kulmann MI, López L, De la Fuente E, Navarro R, Valbuena D, Sakkas D, Rienzi L, Simón C

American journal of obstetrics and gynecology, 2020; 223(5):751.e1-751.e13

Non-invasive preimplantation genetic diagnosis; preliminary data in Mexico – Diagnóstico genético preimplantacional no invasivo; datos preliminares en México

Barroso-Villa G, Pöo-Lanillo M.E, Valdespin-Fierro C, García-Montes L.D, Machargo-Gordillo A.P, Ávila-Lombardo R

Ginecol Obstet Mex, 2020; 88(6):363-371

Operative hysteroscopy should be repeated as many times as necessary for the treatment of refractory Asherman syndrome versus is there any alternative therapy worth considering?

Simón C

Fertility and Sterility, 2020; 113(3):510

Optimized NGS approach for detection of aneu-ploidies and mosaicism in PGT-A and imbalances in PGT-SR

García-Pascual CM, Navarro-Sánchez L, Navarro R, Martínez L, Jiménez J, Rodrigo L, Simón C, Rubio C

Genes, 2020; 11(7):E724

Preeclampsia: A defect in decidualization is associated with deficiency of Annexin A2

Garrido-Gomez T, Quiñonero A, Dominguez F, Rubert L, Perales A, Hajjar KA, Simón C

American journal of obstetrics and gynecology, 2020; 222(4):376.e1-376.e17

Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy in patients with partial X monosomy using their own oocytes: is this a suitable indication?

Giles J, Meseguer M, Mercader A, Rubio C, Alegre L, Vidal C, Trabalon M, Bosch E

Fertility and Sterility, 2020; 114(2):346-353

Should we consider alternative therapies to operative hysteroscopy for the treatment of Asherman syndrome?

Santamaria X, Liu JH, Lusine A, Isaacson K, Movilla P, Fernandez H, Capmas P, Donnez J, Simón C.

Fertility and Sterility, 2020; 113(3):511-521

Single-cell transcriptomic atlas of the human endometrium during the menstrual cycle

Wang W, Vilella F, Alama P, Moreno I, Mignardi M, Isakova A, Pan W, Simon C, Quake SR

Nature Medicine, 2020; 26(10):1644-1653

Sperm genetic abnormalities and their contribution to embryo aneuploidy & miscarriage.

Rodrigo L.

Best Practice & Research: Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2020; 34(6):101477

Stem cell paracrine actions in tissue regeneration and its potential therapeutic effect in human endometrium: A retrospective study

de Miguel-Gómez L, Ferrero H, López-Martínez S, Campo H, López-Pérez N, Faus A, Hervás D, Santamaría X, Pellicer A, Cervelló I

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A 5-year multicentre randomized controlled trial comparing personalized, frozen and fresh blastocyst transfer in IVF

Simón C, Gómez C, Cabanillas S, Vladimirov I, Castillón G, Giles J, Boynukalin K, Findikli N, Bahçeci M, Ortega I, Vidal C, Funabiki M, Izquierdo A, López L, Portela S, Frantz N, Kulmann M, Taguchi S, Labarta E, Colucci F, Mackens S, Santamaría X, Muñoz E, Barrera S, García-Velasco JA, Fernández M, Ferrando M, Ruiz M, Mol BW, Valbuena D; ERA-RCT Study Consortium Group

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Characteristics of the IVF cycle that contribute to the incidence of mosaicism

Rodrigo L, Clemente-Císcar M, Campos-Galindo I, Peinado V, Simón C, Rubio C.

Genes, 2020; 11(10):E1151

Combined preimplantation genetic testing for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease: Consequences for embryos available for transfer

Mir Pardo P, Martínez-Conejero JA, Martín J, Simón C, Cervero A

Genes, 2020; 11(6):E692

Endometrial decidualization: The primary driver of pregnancy health

Ng SW, Norwitz GA, Pavlicev M, Tilburgs T, Simón C, Norwitz ER

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Effects of Thyroid Hormone on Mitochondria and Metabolism of Human Preimplantation Embryos

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Parameters impacting the live birth rate per transfer after frozen single euploid blastocyst transfer.

Boynukalin FK, Gultomruk M, Cavkaytar S, Turgut E, Findikli N, Serdarogullari M, Coban O, Yarkiner Z, Rubio C, Bahceci M

PloS one, 2020; 15(1):e0227619

The impact of culture conditions on blastocyst formation and aneuploidy rates: a comparison between single-step and sequential media in a large academic practice

Deng J, Zhao Q, Cinnioglu C, Kayali R, Lathi RB, Behr B

Journal of assisted reproduction and genetics, 2020; 37(1):161-169

Looking past the appearance: a comprehensive description of the clinical contribution of poor-quality blastocysts to increase live birth rates during cycles with aneuploidy testing+H11

Cimadomo D, Soscia D, Vaiarelli A, Maggiulli R, Capalbo A, Ubaldi FM, Rienzi L

Human reproduction, 2019; 34(7):1206-1214.

mtDNA dynamics between cleavage-stage embryos and blastocysts

De Munck N, Liñán A, Elkhatib I, Bayram A, Arnanz A, Rubio C, Garrido N, Lawrenz B, Fatemi HM

ournal of assisted reproduction and genetics, 2019; 36(9):1867-1875

Optimizing clinical exome design for recessive genetic conditions in preconception carrier screening: Translational research genomic data from 14,125 exomes

Capalbo A, Valero RA, Jimenez-Almazan J, Pardo PM, Fabiani M, Jiménez D, Simon C, Martin JR

PloS Genetics, 2019; 15(10):e1008409

Past, present and future strategies for enhanced assessment of embryo’s genome and reproductive competence in women of advanced reproductive age

Poli M, Girardi L, Fabiani M, Romanelli V, Patassini C, Capalbo A

Frontiers in endocrinology, 2019; 10:154

PGDIS Position Statement on the Transfer of Mosaic Embryos 2019

Cram DS, Leigh D, Handyside A, Rechitsky L, Xu K, Harton G, Grifo J, Rubio C, Fragouli E, Kahraman S, Forman E, Katz-Jaffe M, Tempest H, Thornhill A, Strom C, Escudero T, Qiao J, Munne S, Simpson JL, Kuliev A.

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Preconceptional Care, Where Reproductive Medicine Meets Obstetrics: the Origins of Lifetime Health

Simón C, Romero R

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Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy Improves Clinical, Gestational, and Neonatal Outcomes in Advanced Maternal Age Patients Without Compromising Cumulative Live-Birth Rate.

Sacchi L, Albani E, Cesana A, Smeraldi A, Parini V, Fabiani M, Poli M, Capalbo A, Levi-Setti PE

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Preimplantation genetic testing in assisted reproductive technology

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Segmental aneuploidy in human blastocysts: a qualitative and quantitative overview

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Should the reproductive risk of a couple aiming to conceive be tested in the contemporary clinical context?

Capalbo A, Chokoshvili D, Dugoff L, Franasiak J, Gleicher N, Pennings G, Simón C.

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Sperm chromosomal abnormalities and their contribution to human embryo aneuploidy

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The clinicians´ dilemma with mosaicism-an insight from inner cell mass biopsies

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Human reproduction, 2019; 34(6):998-1010

The impact of balanced reciprocal translocation – 46,XX,t(7;17) (p13;q24) probably involving the SOX9 gene in the in vitro fertilization with own oocytes evaluated by preimplantation genetic testing or donated oocytes

Peregrino PFM, Gomes A, Fujii M, Bonetti TCS, Riboldi M, Monteleone PAA.

JBRA Assist Reprod, 2019; 23(1):68-71

The main will of the patients of a private Italian IVF clinic for their aneuploid/affected blastocysts would be donation to research: a currently forbidden choice

Faustini F, Forte M, Capalbo A, Cimadomo D, Ubaldi FM, Rienzi L

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Time of morulation and trophectoderm quality are predictors of a live birth after euploid blastocyst transfer: a multicenter study

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To what extent is the testing of the reproductive risk of a couple aiming to conceive meaningful in the contemporary clinical context?

Simón C

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A comparison of mechanistic signaling pathway activity analysis methods

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Advanced paternal age does not affect embryo aneuploidy following blastocyst biopsy in egg donor cycles

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An integrated investigation of oocyte developmental competence: expression of key genes in human cumulus cells, morphokinetics of early divisions, blastulation, and euploidy

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Analysis of the Phenotypes in the Rett Networked Database.

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Aneuploidy Screening using Next Generation Sequencing

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Bioengineered uterus: A path toward ectogenesis

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Fertility and Sterility, 2019; 112(3):446-447

Chromosome errors in human eggs shape natural fertility over reproductive life span

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Clinical application of embryo aneuploidy testing by NGS

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Biology of Reproduction, 2019; 101(6):1083-1090

Community assessment to advance computational prediction of cancer drug combinations in a pharmacogenomic screen

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