Endometrial Receptivity Analysis

The ERA® test helps avoid implantation failure by establishing the best day for embryo transfer



Endometrial receptivity is essential for successful implantation


What is 
the endometrium?


What is 
endometrial receptivity?


What is 
the window of implantation?


What is 
a displaced window of implantation?

Advanced Reproductive Genetic Services


  • Using a small sample of endometrial tissue the ERA® test establishes the best day for transferring the embryo.
  • The biopsy sample is easily and quickly taken by your gynaecologist during your appointment.
  • ERA will determine if the endometrium is receptive or not at the time of sampling, by analysing 248 genes involved in endometrial receptivity.
  • ERA® testing can find your personalized window of implantation in case of displacement, and will allow a personalized embryo transfer (pET).
Who should use ERA® test?

Who should use the ERA® test?

The ERA® test is recommended for:

  • Patients who have suffered recurrent implantation failure with high quality embryos.
  • 3 in every 10 patients have a displaced window of implantation.
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  • When performing the embryo transfer in a personalized way, the chances of getting pregnant are increased after the assisted reproduction treatment.
  • The ERA® test resulted in a 73% pregnancy rate in patients with implantation failure.

*Ruiz-Alonso et al, Fertil Steril. 2013
Clemente-Ciscar et al, 2018, submitted

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Who should use ERA?

How it works

The ERA test requires a quick and easy endometrial biopsy

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“Without the ERA testing, we would not have our beautiful daughter Abigail. She is the light of our lives – and we are having so much fun."

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