Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies

Helping you have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby by selecting chromosomally normal embryos

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It's very important to identify embryos with the correct number 
of chromosomes for successful fertility treatment.


Complete analysis of all 24 chromosomes


12-hour procedure


Results in more than 99% of cases


More than 20 years' experience in genetics

Advanced Reproductive Genetic Services


PGT-A (formerly PGS) is a genetic study of the embryo produced during IVF treatment and can help you have a healthy baby. The PGT-A test:

  • Is performed on the embryo before it is transferred.
  • Allows the identification and transfer of embryos free from aneuploidies to the mother.
  • Significantly increases pregnancy rates per transfer.
  • Reduces the time needed to achieve pregnancy.
Who should use PGS test?

Who should use PGT-A test?

PGT-A is especially recommended for:

  • ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE: 35 years and above.
  • RECURRENT MISCARRIAGES: women with two or more miscarriages.
  • IVF failures: two or more IVF failures .
  • MALE FACTOR: considering a low quantity and/or quality of sperm.


  • Reduced miscarriage rates.
  • Higher pregnancy rates per transfer.
  • Fewer cycles of IVF treatment needed (less time and money).
  • Greater chance of having a healthy child.
  • Fewer wasted transfers (implantation failure).
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